Resilience in business: 5 steps to get started

“Resilience” is a buzz word that farmers will be hearing a lot of at this year’s Fieldays. But what exactly is resilience? We asked Resilient Farmer founder Doug Avery (2010 South Island Farmer of the Year and 2013 Landcorp Agricultural Communicator of the Year) for his point of view.

Resilience is your ability to ‘bounce forward’ from your troubles. Most people do little about building or thinking about resilience until a problem has arisen. Usually, it’s too late by then. When you’re caught in the current of an event is, however, a great time to think about next time. About how you can do better. This is why bad times are so important to create good times – they create vision and action.

The following five steps are a great place to start:

  1. Relationships
    Long enduring relationship are second to nothing when things get challenging.
  2. Knowledge
    Knowing where you are in life. Self awareness. Continuous self improvement.
  3. Change

    Accepting that change is good. Learn to love it.
  4. Reality
    Accepting that it is your hard won challenges that actually builds your ability. Focus on what you can control/influence.
  5. Goals

    The progressive realisation of a worthy goal is like fertiliser to the brain.

To achieve these five points one must:

  1. Be positive

    Great relationships are build by positive people with vision and goals.
  2. Learn

    Continuous self improvement is life’s greatest insurance policy against sadness.
  3. Be open to change

    The world is always changing – so must you.
  4. Do it now

    Now is a great word. Ask yourself what you can do now to make something happen. This is the cement for the next building block. This builds hope and confidence.
  5. Have a vision, and take action

    Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision is just activity. Vision and activity together can change your world.