Closed for Good and helping kids be good with money

BNZ’s Head of Wealth & Private Bank Donna Nicolof is passionate about helping kids be good with money. For several years she’s used her Closed for Good day to run financial literacy sessions in primary schools. We chat with her and find out how she runs a financial literacy workshop and why she’s keen to keep doing it.

What do you do on Closed for Good?
So, for the last few years, I’ve been using my Closed for Good day to talk about financial literacy in primary schools – covering all year groups. I use both of my volunteer days entirely for this purpose and enjoy every minute of it. We talk about everything from money matters to saving, spending, access to cash, KiwiSaver, foreign exchange, investments, and how banks work and what we do. The interest and enthusiasm from the students is fantastic, and I find each day totally energising.

Did you have any experience running sessions like this?
For many years in Australia, I delivered talks to high schools on financial literacy. I encouraged students to take an interest in their financial affairs now, and emphasised the benefits this would have for their future.

What made you switch to primary schools?
Soon after arriving back in New Zealand, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Pushpa Wood from Massey University. She had written a research paper on financial literacy that focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty, particularly in Maori and Pasifika families. She found that if you can teach seven year olds the basic principles of budgeting and saving, they are concepts that they will understand and use throughout the rest of their lives.

BNZ’s Closed for Good financial literacy sessions

What are we offering?
Interactive sessions for primary school-aged kids. The session helps kids identify their approach to money and starts them thinking about saving, goals and general money awareness.

We also have general workshops, and one called Scam Savvy (about protecting yourself from fraud).

How do we get you along to deliver a workshop for Closed for Good?
Just sign up for Closed for Good and select ‘Financial Literacy’ when making your submission.


What if we need you to do something thing else on Closed for Good but want a workshop at  later date?
Just check the box that asks if you;d like us to to contact you about running a financial literacy workshop:


If you have any questions about financial literacy workshops or Closed for Good for you ask them over at BNZ Community.