Creating great together with BNZ’s new careers site

BNZ Sourcing and Branding Manager, Caroline Peak reflects on the launch of BNZ’s new careers website and life at BNZ.

We recently launched our new and improved BNZ careers website and are happy to announce, just over a week in and close to 10,000 visits later, it’s going strong! But it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s something we’ve been planning for a while, so we knew we had to get right.

We wanted to make sure every visitor had a great digital experience that reflects our focus on innovation, whilst clearly communicating our purpose and attracting customer-driven, high achieving talent to BNZ. Along the way, we also hope to challenge preconceived ideas of working at a bank, appealing to people from both inside, and outside the industry.

You + Us + Our Customers
Our new careers website has been part of a wider piece of work, allowing us to really understand what inspires ambitious people in a competitive market, including current BNZ staff. The result in a snapshot? They’re looking for challenging, interesting work that contributes to a higher purpose, which aligns perfectly with our mission ‘to help New Zealanders be good with money, so they can do great things with it’.

With such a strong connection between ambitious, successful people and our  purpose, it was obvious our customers had to be at the forefront of our employer brand. Therefore, after many design and user experience debates, we made the move to create a whole section dedicated to our customers, aptly called, ‘What drives us’. From those on a tight budget to multi-million dollar businesses, we have a customer to inspire everyone and a page to show it.

Create Great Together
Delivering a brand new careers website certainly had its challenges, but it also generated extensive collaboration between different teams across BNZ. The project included people from HR, digital, marketing and systems, but nearly every area of the business had a voice and was represented through our photos and video. In fact, we were blown away by BNZers’ energy and enthusiasm to be involved.

It may sound cheesy, but we set out to tell a story of a culture that ‘Creates Great Together’ and unwittingly wrote our own.

Where to next?
The true success of our website will be decided by the people using it, and we look forward to receiving your feedback and assessing the analytics to see what we can improve on further. We also know that our careers site is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to engaging and attracting awesome people, but we can’t be giving away all our secrets here.

What we can tell you is we also have a new Facebook page called Life at BNZ, dedicated to BNZers and all the great things we get up to. We highly recommend you check it out for an authentic insight into working at BNZ. Our LinkedIn Life page is another source of information and a great opportunity to find out about some of the inspiring people you could work with.

Check it out
Take a look and if you’re inspired, why not apply or connect with us to take your first step towards a career with BNZ.

BNZ Careers website
Life at BNZ on Facebook
LinkedIn BNZ Life