BNZ Business Essentials ready to support your business

BNZ’s Head of Small Business, Harry Ferreira, announces the launch of BNZ Business Essentials, a platform offering support services for SMEs at a discounted rate.

We’re continuously firing out tips to help people save money and of course we’re always thinking of how we can make things easier for our customers. 

We realise that small businesses often don’t have the time to search for, and sometimes aren’t even aware of the range of services available that help them be more successful. We’re thinking things like accounting, marketing, and compliance. While these services require some investment, they free up business owners’ time to do what they’re really good at: delivering for their customers and generating new business.

We’ve come up with a way to not only save business owners time, but also their hard-earned cash. BNZ have set up a new platform called “BNZ Business Essentials”, that presents a selection of products and services that have been negotiated on your behalf and offer exceptional rates. In effect, this means that SMEs banking with BNZ can be more effective and efficient in what they do.

For starters, we’ve partnered with KPMG, who have launched an accountancy solution tailored specifically for small businesses with solutions starting at as little as $100/month, including Xero. We’re convinced this will make a massive difference to how many small business owners think about their businesses, free up their time, and help them grow.

SMEs carry a disproportionally heavy compliance burden and we are very excited to have partnered with Lexis Nexis. Their Lexis ComplyHub allows businesses to quickly check their legal blind spots and take action with practical guidance to ensure they stay on the right side of the law. For BNZ customers, Lexis Nexis are offering a 40% discount on the annual subscription fee.

CSG are also offering BNZ Small Business customers a great deal. They know all about cloud technology and businesses’ needs in terms of communication, end user computing, and print services. As a BNZ customer you will receive up to 40% off the standard list prices for all their essential services – fully supported.

We’ve only just launched and hope that these initial offerings will add value to your business. Please come talk to us if there’s anything you think would make a good addition to the platform and send us your feedback on existing offers.

Keep an eye out for new add-ons as we continue to expose new and exciting solutions. We are continuously working with other parties to set you up with some of the best deals in market.

Ultimately, with BNZ Business Essentials we want to offer a one-stop shop for the BNZ Small Business community with all they need to run their business in a successful and efficient manner.

Check out the BNZ Business Essentials platform here.