Why your business needs to tap into ecosystems

Karna Luke is GM – SME and Enterprise Partnerships at BNZ. He currently leads the implementation of the bank’s venture investment fund, test-and-learn innovation hub, strategic partnerships, and digital activation for new channels focused on SMEs.

Connections are key in business – everything from connecting your ideas with market needs, to connecting with suppliers, to connecting with customers via the right channels.

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Let’s get Scam Savvy!

By Angie Mentis, Managing Director & CEO at Bank of New Zealand

It’s Scam Savvy Week, and I’m really excited to see BNZers all around the country supporting their communities in our branches, at malls, business associations, rest homes, Citizens Advice Bureaus, Parliament, libraries, police stations, RSAs, as well as our Partners Centres – to help make more New Zealanders Scam Savvy.

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Market update – Uncertainty drives ups and downs in the market

By Tim O’Loan, Senior Investment Analyst.

Markets around the world have seen record highs, large falls, and steep recoveries over the past 18 months. But depending on your choice of investment fund, you may have experienced a roller-coaster of returns, or a sedate paddle-boat ride. It all depends on the ‘risk’ of the fund you chose.

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A year in review

Market update for the year ending 31 March 2019

The twelve-month period up until 31 March 2019 was an interesting time for investment markets. Overall it was a strong period, but there was a general increase in ups and downs – also known as market volatility, particularly in comparison to the year before. Here’s a look back at the year and what we could expect in the year ahead.

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