Investors nerves on edge as US election approaches

BNZ Private Bank Analyst, Katie Thompson, gives us an overview of the current state of play and what you can expect to see in financial markets in the lead up to the US election day.

The US presidential election will take place in just over four weeks, on 8 November 2016. The thought of Republican candidate, Donald Trump, becoming the president of the world’s largest economy is making investors nervous, and setting the stage for more market volatility, given his unconventional views and lack of clear policy direction. Continue reading…

The Brexit effect

BNZ’s Director of Institutional Research, Gary Baker reflects on Kiwis online retail spending post Brexit.

Post Brexit increase in online spending
Last month’s Brexit vote may be a distant memory for many, but it clearly made an impact on many New Zealanders online spending decisions. Online spending by Kiwis on UK websites surged in the week immediately following the vote – up 47% compared to the same week in 2015. Continue reading…