New brand campaign for Bank of New Zealand

The Bank of New Zealand has today launched a new brand platform that is an evolution as to how the bank engages with its customers.

The new creative is built around New Zealanders going about their everyday lives and demonstrates just some of the ways that BNZ products and services fit in around them.     

“We want to be part of a high achieving New Zealand and this refreshed brand platform, we think, reflects that ambition in a way we’re very proud of,” says Paul Carter, Director of Retail and Marketing.

“For some time now we’ve been known for helping New Zealanders be good with money and that’s not going to change – we very much see this as our calling.  This latest creative is an optimistic evolution of that and brings to life some of the ways we help whether that’s helping to adjust your home loan payments to suit your new circumstances or helping you to visualise a money goal in a way that’s going to motivate you more to reach it.  We know that the way our customers live and do business should be the starting position for how we design and build better banking propositions and services – they’re taking banking into the future right alongside us,” he said. 

Carter said it wasn’t a case of ‘they demand we build’ but more a progression of how Bank of New Zealand adapts and engages.

“This approach has worked well for us already, with things like our internet banking functionality (that 25,000 New Zealanders helped us design), and for us this is about making it the new norm – working together to create the best proposition for our customers as well as removing the obstacles that hinder our customers’ progress.”   

BNZ has worked with Designworks and Colenso to create this new look and creative direction for the brand:

Steve Cochran, Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director, says, “Many brands talk about being customer-first behind closed doors in strategy meetings. It’s great to be able to take that positioning and wear it proudly and loudly, knowing it’s already in action throughout BNZ.”

“The launch of this new platform has given us and Designworks, the chance to re-invigorate the brand with a fresh and more contemporary feel. We wanted to capture the diversity that New Zealand has today, and a spirit of progress and optimism for tomorrow.”


Agency: Colenso BBDO

Prod Co: Sweet Shop

Director: Campbell Hooper

Brand Design: Designworks

Celebrating three years of fair loans for our communities

BNZ’s Head of Community Finance, Frances Ronowicz, reflects on three years of providing affordable loans in a successful partnership with the government and not-for-profit organisations.

Elsie’s got $80 more a week in her family budget after receiving a Community Finance loan for home appliances. Les has independence in his retirement now that he could buy a reliable car with his loan funds. Aayla can get her kids to school and herself to university with the car she bought with her loan.

Our Community Finance initiative is three years old now and these New Zealanders are among hundreds who have benefitted from an affordable low or no interest loan, where the alternative could have led to an unsustainable debt situation. Continue reading “Celebrating three years of fair loans for our communities”

Turning bad debts into good habits

Director of Retail and Marketing Paul Carter shares how BNZ’s Community Finance programme helps people be good with money so they can do great things with it. Not just through the low-interest loans, but also through the conversations held.

It’s Money Week and the official theme is “What does debt do for you?”.

This got me thinking about what debt has done for me and my family. Continue reading “Turning bad debts into good habits”

Get ready to volunteer: BNZ gears up for Closed for Good

  • BNZ staff will  work on more than 550 Closed for Good projects around New Zealand
  • New Zealand’s single largest day of corporate volunteering

On Wednesday 23 August, all BNZ stores will once again be Closed for Good as more than 3,000 staff head out into their local communities to work on more than 550 projects.

BNZ CEO Anthony Healy was thrilled to see such a diverse range of projects submitted this year. 

“Community groups do some amazing work throughout New Zealand and we take real pleasure in being able to give back in this small way, whether it’s by picking up a paint brush, planting native trees, providing budgeting advice or running financial literacy workshops.”

Throughout New Zealand, BNZ staff will be helping out by:

  • Planting native trees for Dragonfly Springs      Wetland Sanctuary (Northland)
  • Designing and building games for The Therapy      Box’s aged care activity library (Auckland)
  • Spring clean building and stables at      Otorohanga Riding for the Disabled (Waikato)     
  • Maintaining existing trails at Tauranga      Mountain Bike Club (Bay of Plenty)     
  • Preparing for the new season chicks with      National Kiwi Trust (Rotorua)
  • Cleaning the theatre and costumes at Wairoa      Little Theatre (Hawke’s Bay)
  • Helping with dog training at the National      Training Centre for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People NZ (Taranaki)
  • Gardening to help build a Forest at the      Heart of Wellington (Wellington)
  • Restoring the Kune Kune Pig Habitat with      Natureland Wildlife Trust (Marlborough)     
  • Cleaning up at Little River Volunteer Fire      Station (Christchurch)
  • Assisting with possum detection with Otago      Peninsula Biodiversity Group (Otago)
  • Building a toy racetrack at Dipton School (Southland)
  • Running scam savvy workshops for hospitals,      community groups and rest homes (NZ      wide)
  • Delivering financial literacy sessions at      corrections facilities, schools and community groups (NZ wide).

 Stores being closed for a day won’t disadvantage BNZ customers – business critical staff including call centre staff will still be working for urgent services, and all online and mobile banking services are fully available as usual.

Visit for more information.

Expansion of community finance initiative to Hamilton

The Community Finance partnership announced today that its low and no interest loan schemes are now available in Hamilton.

The initiative, which is run by Good Shepherd New Zealand and BNZ, with support from the Ministry of Social Development and delivered by community partners like the Salvation Army, is now available in Rotorua, Invercargill, Wellington, Whangarei, Palmerston North, Hawkes’s Bay and Christchurch in addition to the pilot locations in Auckland.

A pilot was established in 2014 and received additional government funding in the May 2016 budget.  Loans are provided to a group of New Zealanders described as ‘financially vulnerable’ – meaning they don’t meet standard bank criteria and have exhausted their Work and Income options. As a result, many are forced to take out loans with alternative lenders, many of whom charge high interest rates and fees.

“Community Finance provides access to a fair, safe and affordable line of credit for people living on low incomes, and we are delighted that the success of the pilot led to the funding that is enabling us to launch our new regions,” said Chief Executive of Good Shepherd New Zealand Fleur Howard.

“But we know it’s so much more than a loan. By connecting with community loan workers, people learn life skills like managing their budget better and become more savvy in their understanding of the dangers of third tier lenders. There are broader societal benefits in what the loans deliver too – a reliable car for many of our customers is what they need to hold down a full time job. A computer can help with further education”, she said.

BNZ, which provides the lending, estimated that the $1.26 million of lending to June 30, 2017 has saved clients more than $678,000 in interest and charges when compared to borrowing the same amount through alternative lenders.

Chief Executive Anthony Healy said the bank had been a proud partner since inception and had now committed $60 million in lending over the long term as well as expertise and advice where needed.

“Community Finance addresses a very real need and BNZ is proud to be part of that. But what is most exciting is seeing what comes next for a client; what the loan enables. I heard about a young man who came to us and said that the only thing stopping him from getting a job was having a car. We were able to arrange a StepUP loan with Community Finance which meant he could buy a second hand car. We were delighted when he told us he had secured an apprenticeship the next day,” he said.

Government evaluation of the Community Finance pilot showed there were other benefits from the financial conversations that happen as part of the loan process. This includes strengthening people’s financial capability and increasing the wellbeing of families and communities.

Major Pam Waugh, Territorial Social Services Secretary for The Salvation Army said, “Running a tight budget can be hard enough without the added pressure of predatory lenders on your back. The reduced stress these Community Finance loans deliver can make such a difference to people’s family life.”

The initiative currently partners with The Salvation Army and Aviva. New community provider partners and new locations will be added in coming months.

 About Community Finance:

  • The Ministry of Social Development contributes operational funding to Good Shepherd New Zealand and the community providers.
  • In the 2016 Budget, Community Finance was awarded an additional $4.2 million of operational funding over four years.
  • Good Shepherd New Zealand has been supported through the development of the initiative here by Good Shepherd Microfinance in Australia which has been operating in Australia for more than 35 years.
  • BNZ has committed $60 million in lending to the initiative.
  • Community Finance loan products have no fees or charges and are available to people on low      incomes who are eligible for a Community Services Card.
  • No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) is available for amounts up to $1,500 for essential goods and      services. StepUP, the low interest loan, provides loans of up to $5,000 with up to three years to pay loans back.
  • The most popular purpose for a StepUP loan is for second hand cars or car repairs.
  • For more information visit:



John Waller Memorial Scholarships announced by BNZ and PwC

BNZ and PwC New Zealand are pleased to announce a new scholarship programme established at the University of Canterbury to honour former BNZ Board Chairman and respected PwC Managing Partner John Waller, ONZM, FCA.

For five years from 2018, BNZ and PwC will fund three competitive scholarships per year to school leavers choosing to study Commerce, Science or Law at the University of Canterbury.

The John Waller Memorial Scholarships provide $18,000 to each student, as well as summer internships at BNZ and PwC, and mentoring from BNZ and PwC staff.

“We are really pleased to honour John’s values and professional legacy through a scholarship programme which recognises the significant contribution John made to New Zealand business,” BNZ Chief Executive Anthony Healy says.

“John’s outstanding career was characterised by the exercise of a brilliant mind, achievement and influence and he was passionate about helping young people to succeed,” he says.

“John recalled his studies for a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Canterbury as a stepping stone for his success and this scholarship programme is an appropriate memorial,” Mr Healy says.

PwC CEO Mark Averill says: “John always had time to help people – he always wanted to give something back. I can’t think of a better way to honour his memory and legacy than through this scholarship programme.

“John was a highly recognised and well respected leader – both amongst his peers and across the business community.

“He was a hard worker who led from the front and combined an excellent commercial acumen with a pragmatic approach. John’s positive outlook, his courage to tackle challenges head on and make the tough calls was truly inspirational.

“These are just some of the values and attributes we hope to encourage with these scholarships,” says Mr Averill.

University of Canterbury Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr has expressed his gratitude for the generosity of those behind the new scholarship programme.

“We are delighted that the John Waller Memorial Scholarships will make it possible for so many outstanding Canterbury students to pursue their degrees in Commerce, Science or Law, while also getting a headstart with BNZ and PwC internships and mentoring,” Dr Carr says.

“It is our goal that UC students are prepared to make a difference in the world, with real-life experience, internships and placements built in to the majority of our bachelor degree programmes. Of those who completed their bachelor’s degrees in 2016, 64% engaged in employment, internship, practical work-related experience, or entrepreneurship as part of their studies at UC.

“As well as standing as a wonderful tribute to John Waller’s values, this far-sighted scholarship programme will add to this ethos, while passing on his legacy to future leaders,” he says.

Find out more about the scholarships