Investors nerves on edge as US election approaches

BNZ Private Bank Analyst, Katie Thompson, gives us an overview of the current state of play and what you can expect to see in financial markets in the lead up to the US election day.

The US presidential election will take place in just over four weeks, on 8 November 2016. The thought of Republican candidate, Donald Trump, becoming the president of the world’s largest economy is making investors nervous, and setting the stage for more market volatility, given his unconventional views and lack of clear policy direction. Continue reading…

Brexit still got you on edge?

BNZ Private Bank Analyst Chris Stephens, takes a closer look at the impact of Brexit on global financial markets and some of the other key issues that could affect investment returns going forward.

In the week that followed the UK’s referendum vote to exit the European Union (EU), global financial markets fell heavily, but quickly recouped their lost ground. In fact, during the three months since the vote, investors have been quick to shift their focus away from Brexit to other issues that may impact investment returns.

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Auckland’s housing market: What you need to know when buying

BNZ’s Chief Economist Tony Alexander reflects on a few factors to be aware of if you’re looking at investing in the Auckland property market.

Back in the Weekly Overview of November 1, 2012, I produced a list entitled, 19 Reasons Why Auckland House Prices Will Keep Rising. Since then prices on average have risen 65% and while we see minimal chance of another 65% rise over the next four years, it still looks like prices will rise further. Continue reading…

Mooncake Festival lights up Chinese business opportunities

BNZ’s Head of Asia Business Paul Gestro reflects on what Mid-Autumn Festival (or Mooncake Festival) means if you are doing business with China.

If you do business in China, you’ll be more than familiar with the Mid-Autumn Festival (or Mooncake Festival) – the second most important festival to Chinese people after the New Year. You may already have a stack of uneaten cakes piling up on your desk – as business partners, colleagues, employees, friends or family seek to acknowledge you during this traditional gift-giving time of the lunar year. Continue reading…

Naveya & Sloane’s sparkling success

An Auckland-based bespoke jewellery company has grown rapidly to meet the demand for its made-to-order and handcrafted wedding and engagement rings. Soon expanding internationally, the company reflects on its success to date.

When prospective clients arrive at Naveya & Sloane’s Auckland premises seeking to have a piece of jewellery custom-made, they don’t have to look far to see where their eventual purchase will be produced.

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Is the Unitary Plan the great saviour of Auckland’s housing crisis?

BNZ’s Chief Economist Tony Alexander reflects on how the Unitary Plan will affect soaring Auckland house prices and future urban growth.

For the third time in three years the Reserve Bank has imposed new rules on the minimum deposit size investors must have when using a mortgage to buy property in Auckland. The first occasion was October 2013 when the 20% minimum was introduced for all borrowers. Then in October 2015 we had the 30% minimum for Auckland investors. Now we have a 40% minimum starting from October this year, although this has already being applied by banks for lending not arranged before the policy was announced a month ago. Continue reading…

Building a support system as a small business owner

Small business owner Caitlin Sykes recently attended a BNZ Connect event and found a supportive community of fellow small and medium-sized business owners.

My day was running at a loss. Several meetings in the central city had left the to-do list back in my home office largely untouched.

So when the calendar alert popped up to tell me it was now time to head out once more, the after-work event I’d optimistically scheduled a couple of weeks earlier suddenly wasn’t looking so doable. Continue reading…

End in sight for rising house prices

BNZ’s Chief Economist Tony Alexander reflects on the New Zealand housing market and upcoming changes around the minimum deposit size, that takes place from September 1.

As a macroeconomist my job is to avoid getting mired in the details of what is happening in particular parts of the economy and instead to focus on the big picture and the broad trends. These are the things which I talk about when making presentations to groups of retailers, home buyers, home builders, manufacturers, investors, farmers and so on around the country. Continue reading…