Android Pay launches in New Zealand

Whether it’s popping out for a morning coffee or topping up the petrol tank, day to day purchases are set to take on a new level of convenience for Android phone toting BNZ customers – we’ve partnered with Google™ to bring Android Pay™ to New Zealand. From today New Zealander’s with a BNZ Flexi Debit Visa will be the first in the country to use Android Pay on their phones like a contactless card.

BNZ Android Pay allows anyone with an NFC-enabled Android device (with KitKat 4.4 or higher) to pay in store with just a tap of their phone. They simply need to install the Android Pay app on their phone and add their BNZ Visa Flexi Debit card by taking a photo of it. They also need to have the BNZ mobile app loaded on their phone to verify their details.

(Everyday) Banking on Convenience

Our cards team recognises that customers expect a seamless payment experience across their everyday banking, and mobile is at the center of credit and debit card growth in New Zealand.

Since launching contactless on BNZ plastic cards our customers have embraced that convenient technology. They’ve adopted the speed and ease of ‘Wave and Pay,’ and the growth has been rapid.

David Bullock, BNZ’s Director of Products & Technology and acting Director of Retail & Marketing, says the contactless payment solution enables easy and quick payment at point of sale.

“New Zealanders have a longstanding affinity with electronic payments, as shown most recently by the swift uptake in contactless payments. BNZ Android Pay is just like tap and go payments with contactless cards, except you tap your phone on the EFTPOS terminal,” David says.

“We’re really pleased to have negotiated this for our customers. Partnering with Google opens doors to exciting opportunities in the future as technology, digital banking and customer needs continue to evolve.”

So, what can you do with Android Pay?

With Android Pay you can turn your phone into a contactless card and use it at every outlet that accepts contactless payments, anywhere in the world. Simply tap, pay and you’re done.

Unlike other mobile payment options, you don’t need to open Android Pay to use it – just make sure your phone is ‘awake’ (you don’t need to unlock it) and hold it to the terminal to pay. You can even use it while you’re busy texting a friend!

It’s more than just a way to pay in the physical world – when you make purchases in Android Pay enabled apps or online, you won’t need to enter your card details. Just select Android Pay at checkout and it’s all taken care of.

You can feel confident your payments are secure – Android Pay doesn’t send your actual debit card number with your payment. Instead, it uses a token, i.e. a virtual account number, to represent your account information.

It’s here! What are you waiting for?

At BNZ we want to help New Zealanders be good with money so they can do good things with it, and this is another way we’re making that easier and more convenient. Get Android Pay now in the Google Play™ Store, and if you need help getting started, check out our website.

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