Be good with your money while you travel, with BNZ Convert It

New Zealanders’ love of travel and spirit for adventure is legendary. In 2017 alone, Kiwis took almost 3 million holidays and breaks that involved international travel. That’s the equivalent of 76,000 planes loaded with excited travellers leaving the country, hungry for new and life-enriching experiences. (Source: Statistics New Zealand.)

Invariably those experiences will cost money and when different currencies come into play, managing money while travelling can be tricky.

To help, BNZ has launched Convert It, a brand-new instant currency conversion app to help travellers stay in control of their spending while they’re away.

Convert It works on and off line and works using the smart phone’s camera to read a foreign price, and the app translates it to New Zealand dollars on the spot. Users can also manually enter the amount they want converted. There’s no more currency guess work and no need to use your calculator.

Howard Silby, BNZ’s Chief Operating Officer, Customer, Products & Services said, “BNZ Convert It is a great new way we’re helping Kiwis manage their money easily while they travel, so they can focus on having fun.”

BNZ Convert It has over 170 currencies built in, and uses IP detection to suggest the currency to convert from. It can be downloaded from both the App store and Google Play store and you don’t have to be a BNZ customer to use it.

BNZ has plenty of other tools and support to help customers travel sooner, further and for longer. “Whether that’s personalising savings with Rapid Save or YouMoney to turn a travel dream into reality or collecting rewards for everyday spending with a BNZ Advantage Visa credit card. We can also ensure customers – and their money – are safe while travelling with travel insurance and fraud protection. It’s all about helping Kiwis get the most out of their travel” said Mr Silby.

For more information about Convert It and BNZ’s other travel products and digital tools for planning a holiday, visit