Putting customers front and centre, digitally

BNZ’s relentless focus on delivering excellent customer experiences has been recognised with the bank being named Canstar’s Bank of the Year – Online Banking for 2018.

BNZ General Manager of Digital, Stephen Bowe, says the award recognises BNZ’s commitment to using technology right across the bank to help customers be good with money.

“Our approach is not to focus on the specific technologies, but rather how we can use digital tools to solve real customer problems. We work hard to deliver features that that truly add value for our customers, making banking faster, simpler and safer. Things like simply swiping to move money around, more options to personalise and manage goals and push notifications when transactions happen. BNZ customers can also manage their home loans and term deposits from their app. We also work to bring outside innovations in – we’re the only bank in New Zealand to support both Apple Pay and Google Pay,” says Mr. Bowe.

BNZ is also the only bank to provide its apps and online banking in Te Reo Māori, including a ‘Learning Mode’ with Te Reo and English used side-by-side.

Bowe says the key is listening to customer feedback and swiftly delivering the features they want.

“Our customers are very clear – they want more control and visibility over their money, they want to manage payments and products quickly and easily, and they want the whole experience to be as intuitive as using any other well-known app.

“Our philosophy is to be responsive to the needs of our customers. We’re proud to receive this award on behalf of our great people and our amazing customers for recognition of all the work done. But we don’t stand still. Every day we put our customers front and centre and work hard to offer them a truly world class digital service” says Mr Bowe.