BNZ welcomes Frances Valintine as Future Advisor

One of New Zealand’s leading business and technology experts has teamed up with BNZ as the bank hunts out new ways to deliver great outcomes for its customers.

 Announcing Frances Valintine will be the bank’s Future Advisor, BNZ CEO Angie Mentis says “Ms. Valintine is a world-leader in helping groups and organisations understand and adapt to the fast-changing and dynamic business and education worlds.

“The role of Future Advisor is to help BNZ identify and embrace emerging global trends and deliver the future of great customer experiences. We’re delighted to welcome Frances into the team to bring the outside in to BNZ. Her insights, learnings and case studies from across New Zealand around the world will help us position ourselves to provide leading customer experiences and capture new trends and ideas.

“Her guidance and advice will help us embrace technology to deliver on our mission of helping our customers be good with money so they can do great things with it,” says Ms. Mentis.


Frances Valintine and BNZ CEO Angie Mentis

Ms. Valintine, an education futurist and leader in education, business and technology for over 20 years, says she’s looking forward to joining the bank and helping them deliver the future of banking to New Zealanders.

“The only constant in this digital revolution is change, and everyone in every industry needs to embrace it. Not only for their own long-term benefit, but also for New Zealand’s. I’m pleased to be joining the team at BNZ who understand this, and who are relentlessly focussed on delivering exception customer experiences. There are many challenges ahead for banking, but along with them come huge opportunities to really revolutionise the way New Zealanders use and manage their money,” says Ms. Valintine.

Valintine will be working with teams across BNZ to help challenge and guide thinking in areas like the future workforce, open banking and learning and development.