New BNZ foundation to support NZ Communities to create better futures

“Organisations across New Zealand are doing incredible mahi to create a better future for our communities. BNZ is here to support and accelerate this positive action.”

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) will this year launch a foundation to support initiatives that help New Zealand communities thrive.

Dan Huggins, BNZ CEO, says, “Across Aotearoa New Zealand there are innovative, future-focussed groups who have found solutions to the challenges their communities face. Our BNZ Foundation is being designed with the express purpose of providing those initiatives the boost they need to make a real difference to the lives of New Zealanders.

“Throughout BNZ’s 160-year history, our people have been there proudly supporting the communities we serve, the BNZ Foundation will be yet another way we can help New Zealanders,” said Huggins.

The foundation will be established from the legacy of the BNZ Art collection, with all proceeds of the sale dedicated to the BNZ Foundation.

“Since the 1980s BNZ has been the proud caretaker of a precious collection of fine New Zealand art. But after 40 years it’s appropriate to pass the privilege on to others.

“BNZ staff, past and present, will be equally proud of the legacy of the art collection, which will enhance our ability to help communities create a better future. The BNZ Foundation will also be designed to provide support for New Zealand communities when they need it most,” said Huggins.

BNZ already uses its banking expertise and resources to partner with community organisations to develop and scale solutions for New Zealanders in need. This includes providing no-and-low interest loans through “Good Loans”, a partnership with Good Shepherd NZ and through support for Habitat for Humanity’s “Home Repairs” programme.

Mr Huggins adds: “There are often needs that are best met through a targeted and timely philanthropic approach. While work on establishing the Foundation is well underway, in time we will be calling out to community groups, organisations, iwi and hapu from around the motu to get in touch if they need a hand with the mahi they are doing to improve people’s lives.”

BNZ Art Collection  

BNZ has announced it will partner with New Zealand auction house Webb’s to sell the BNZ Art Collection.

The collection was assembled throughout the 1980’s by renowned Wellington gallery owner Peter McLeavey and features works from many of New Zealand’s leading artists.

At its peak, the collection contained over 700 works but by 2013 it had been significantly downsized to approximately 350.

BNZ will keep a small collection of works with specific significance to BNZ. These works will continue to be displayed in BNZ properties.

Full details of the BNZ Art Collection can be found here BNZ Art Collection