Changes to the ownership of BNZ Investment Services Limited


Today marks a significant milestone for the future of BNZ’s investment offering for customers. BNZ Investment Services Limited (BNZISL) has joined forces with JBWere New Zealand, Jarden Wealth, and Harbour Asset Management to create FirstCape Group – a leading wealth management business in New Zealand.

This partnership will significantly accelerate BNZ’s ability to create new product offerings and enhance BNZ’s ability to meet customers’ investment needs.

As a result of these changes, BNZ Investment Services Limited (BNZISL) – the manager of the BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme, YouWealth, Private Wealth Series and BNZ Term PIE – is no longer owned by BNZ. BNZISL is wholly owned by Harbour Asset Management – part of FirstCape Group.

Nothing changes for our customers in terms of who they contact or where they see information about their investments. We’ll continue to support our customers in managing their investments in exactly the same way as we do today.

FirstCape Group and BNZ will be working together closely behind the scenes to make sure BNZ investment products continue to deliver great value for money, helping our customers achieve their investment goals.


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BNZ Investment Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harbour Asset Management Limited, is the issuer and manager of BNZ’s Managed Investment Schemes including the BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme, YouWealth, BNZ Term PIE and Private Wealth Series. You can get a copy of our Product Disclosure Statements from your nearest BNZ branch or by downloading a document:

•  BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme Product Disclosure Statement
•  YouWealth Product Disclosure Statement
•  Term PIE Product Disclosure Statement
•  Private Wealth Series Product Disclosure Statement

Investments in the BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme, YouWealth, Private Wealth Series, or BNZ Term PIE are not bank deposits or other liabilities of Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) or any other member of the National Australia Bank Limited (NAB ) group. They are subject to investment risk, including possible delays in repayment. You could get back less than the total contributed. No person (including the New Zealand Government) guarantees (either fully or in part) the performance or returns of the schemes or the repayment of amounts contributed. NAB, the ultimate owner of BNZ, is not a registered bank in New Zealand but a licensed bank in Australia and is not authorised to offer the products and services mentioned on this webpage to customers in New Zealand.

BNZ Investment Services Limited (BNZISL) uses the BNZ brand under licence from Bank of New Zealand, whose ultimate parent company is National Australia Bank Limited. No member of the FirstCape group (including BNZISL) is a member of the NAB group of companies (NAB Group). No member of the NAB Group (including Bank of New Zealand) guarantees, or supports, the performance of any member of FirstCape group’s obligations to any party.